What’s the difference between screen printing and heat transfers? Why does Geiger only offer screen printing?


Maybe it’s obvious, but the biggest difference between screen printing
and heat transfers is that screen printing actually uses screens. In the screen printing process, screens are cut to make a stencil for the ink to soak through onto your garments. This stencil allows for the ink to pass through the screen only in the areas you want it to. Only one color per screen can be used, so if you have a four-color logo, you are looking at four individual screens being necessary.
For heat transfers, your logo is placed on garments with a combination of heat and pressure. A machine is used to cut out designs, numbers, or logos from colored vinyl and a heat press is used to adhere the vinyl to the garment. The combination of heat and pressure is what gets your design to stick onto the desired garments.


Though these methods may seem very comparable, Geiger only offers screen printing to our customers. This is because it is the overall preferred method of printing in general for the industry as it is more cost-effective, especially for larger runs, and it will stay on your garments longer than heat pressed vinyl designs and logos. With heat pressing, you cannot layer colors together, the print may fade after a few washes, the print is stiff and less precise, and the print does not breathe well and causes sweating.


Screen printing is especially the preferred method for printing on anything that’s 100 percent cotton or is a cotton/polyester blend. Garments that are screen printed can withstand the roughness of machine washing, the print will remain bright, and the print will not peel off. Screen printing has a softer feel than heat transfers and is less time-consuming (which means less expensive for you as the customer!).


If you have any further questions about the difference between screen printing or heat transfers or you want to place an order for your own custom screen-printed t-shirts, please contact one of our salespeople:
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