New Advancement on the Geiger Front

Throughout the history of Geiger Awards and Apparel, Inc., we have continued to use top quality machines to get your orders done. We know that the right machinery is critical in ensuring that our customers receive a quality product at a reasonable price. Recently, we switched out our old screen printing exposure system for a brand new, energy-efficient UV LED screen exposure model. The UV LEDs have been proven to use less energy than the halide lamps. What keeps the energy costs so much lower? With this new model, the UV LED lights are only kept on during the actual exposure process, rather than staying on the whole time the machine is on. With over 1200 LCD lights, our new system provides a more energy-efficient process and also decreases the exposure time necessary to burn screens, which in turn speeds up production and allows us to get through orders more quickly and efficiently, which means that we can turn around your orders to you even faster than we’ve been able to in the past (our standard production time for screen printing is about 5 business days!). This technological upgrade allows for more energy to be saved each time we burn a screen, reducing the company’s carbon electricity footprint and helping the environment.

Interested in how the screen printing process works? Next time you’re in to place an order, feel free to ask one of our salespeople to take you on a production tour to show you how it all works! Contact someone here to place your screen printing order or schedule a tour of our facility:


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