Who are we?

Geiger is a team of positive, honest, and successful people who are motivated, caring, and responsible. Our vision is to help our clients create visibility and recognition when celebrating their successes through the use of our in-house embroidery machines, silk screen printing presses, digital presses, and engraving systems. Our products are of the highest quality and value for the money and our clients feel like winners after experiencing our great customer service. Our clients consider us a great asset to their team because we help them achieve their goals. Because we do all of our embroidery and screen printing in-house, we have the ability to turn around orders next day, if needed, but otherwise in just a few days. “Rush” ordering has become a specialty service that we are known for within the business community. Geiger, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business in Waukesha since 1972. We’ve done work for some large companies in the area and they have been loyal to us for many, many years. And, no matter how quickly you need an order or how many items you’re ordering, our quality guarantee will always be in place—we guarantee the right product, the right way, at the right time, every time. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our product, but the quality of our service as well, and we want every one of our clients to know that they are our top priority.


Just back from the war, Frank Geiger was working as an auto mechanic in the 1960s when he stumbled upon the idea of magnetic signs for cars and trucks. The idea was on the rise, and he thought, “Why not?” With the support of his wife, Judith, the business was born. While Frank was working at the auto shop, Judy was working from home making the signs. They took and fulfilled orders from a counter in their own living room while most of the production was done in the basement. Not too long after offering their service, a customer inquired about engraving. Thus, their services began to grow.
In 1972, they opened the shop in its first location on West Broadway St. in downtown Waukesha with approximately 750 sq. ft. It was at this location that Frank hired his first employee and began to offer screen printing services in 1979. But as the business grew, so did the need for more space. In the early 1980s, they packed up and moved to the current location on Sunset Drive. The current Geiger logo was created at this location in 1990 by the graphic artist at the time. The logo has been the same since then, but the colors have not always remained consistent. Early on, purple could be seen on everything Geiger. It then changed to blue and gold, but now flourishes with the blue and white we all know and love. They continued to grow their services simply by demand of customers. In 1988, the company added embroidery to their list of services.
How did they stay on top of the industry all those years? By offering what others could not. While competitors are producing mediocre products that do not always meet their deadlines, Geiger always creates high-quality products in a timely fashion. Frank is a firm believer in technology to stay ahead of the competition. To him, the greatest part of owning a business is seeing our motto fulfilled: the product made right and on time—every time.
Today, three generations of the Geiger family can be found when you walk in the door of the Waukesha location, along with many other employees that are also considered part of the growing Geiger family. Geiger, Inc. continues to grow its services to meet the needs and desires of its clients, but also serves clients by advising about organization-wide branding and recognition.

Note: We are not affiliated with Geiger Bros. in Lewiston, ME.



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